District Leadership

Dr. Sheba K. George – Superintendent and CEO
Dr. Sheba K George

Dr. Sheba K. George is the founder of Newman International Academy of Arlington. She and her family worked to have a charter school in their community because they realized the need for a safe haven with a private school nurture and rigor that can cater to students of all economic levels, especially those children who cannot afford private school fees. Dr. George’s passion is to see generations of children in America rise up to have and fulfill great dreams. She is committed to seeing children of our nation meet the demands of the world marketplace in all fields including science, technology, engineering (especially aerospace, and computer engineering), mathematics, literature, writing, law, journalism, fine arts and sports.

According to Dr. George, “excellence can be achieved in all fields by sowing seeds of knowledge, ‘conceptual understanding,’ ‘procedural fluency,’ ‘strategic competence’ and problem solving skills in the soil of America’s unsurpassable creativity. These seeds can grow to see success only in an environment of nurture, care, hard work, and discipline. One must always remember that true success and good character are inseparable.” Dr. George also believes that “every child has some gift, and the school partnership with parents and community can help every child reach his or her highest potential. ’No child’ should be ‘left behind.’ ”


Mrs. Betty Sims – Assistant Superintendent
Betty Sims

Mrs. Betty Sims is a native of Seattle, Washington and graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Speech and Hearing Pathology. She also received training as a Language Therapist and Specialized Reading Teacher working with children with Dyslexia and other reading related challenges.

Mrs. Sims served 22 years in Christian and public education as a teacher and principal, with a focus in charter school education. She resides in Arlington and is married with two children and five grandchildren.

Josiah Jerome – Director of Resource Management

Mrs. Donna Hart - Director of Culture, Mentorship, & Improvement

Mrs. Jenny Gondeiro - Assistant to the Superintendent