NIA Referral Incentive Program

Newman International Academy 


Referral Incentive Program

We know that the single most effective way of attracting more students to Newman International Academy is through referral by satisfied families. The Referral Incentive Program rewards community efforts to bring more families to Newman International Academy.

The purposes of the Referral Incentive Program are:

  1. To increase enrollment by rewarding those in our community who help identify other families who may be a good fit at NIA.
  2. To reach out to NIA supporters and strengthen relationships
  3. To raise our profile in the greater DFW area

Incentive Prizes:

An Individual can choose one of the following prizes per EACH new referred student who ENROLLS and REMAINS enrolled for at least one month in the 2019-19 academic year:

  • Student Uniform Sets: Powwow Uniform and Everyday Uniform (includes pants, shirt, skirt. Does not include shoes, socks, and belt.)
  • Kindle
  • Fitbit (Alta Smart Band)
  • WIFI Smart Video Doorbell (Not including service contract)
  • Echo Plus (2nd generation)
  • Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 headphones
  • 32 inch Flat Screen TV

The guidelines are as follows:

For each student referred to NIA, the person referring will receive an incentive prize once that student has enrolled, and attended school for more than a month. In order to be eligible for this incentive payment, all of the following must occur:

  • The student must enroll and attend for the 2018-19 school year and stay with Newman at least one month.


  • The referring person’s name must be listed on the Referral Incentive Program Certificate given by the campus Principal upon enrollment acceptance during Enrollment Interview.


  • The referral program is OPEN to ALL. Examples are below:
    • Student
    • Current employee
    • Parent of current student
    • Former parents and alumni
    • Business or Community Partner
    • Others


  • The program is for the 2018-2019 school year. The program will be reviewed each year to determine whether it will be offered in future years.


  • The enrollment program includes all grades Pre K- 12th


  • Student/Parent/Family who enrolls their children in a NIA campus (Pre-K through 12th) must cite the individual who referred NIA to them on a Referral Incentive Program Certificate.


  • Only one person can be cited as a referral on the: Referral Incentive Program Certificate.


  • Prizes cannot be returned or exchanged


  • Family/Individual must sign a NIA Prize Form upon receiving prize.


  • If the selected prize is out of stock – expect a 1-3 week wait period for order fulfillment.


  • Newman’s Referral Incentive Program goes into effect February 1, 2019.




·        Campus principal will give newly enrolled Family one Referral Incentive Program Certificate during enrollment interview. The student/Family/parents will fill out certificate and turn into the Principal before leaving interview.

·        The Campus Office Coordinator will do the following: 1) Track the new student ensuring a minimum of one month of enrollment. 2) Contact the REFERRAL (person who referred newly enrolled student) to choose prize. 3) Coordinate a time for the prize to be awarded at appropriate campus.

·        The REFERRAL (person who referred newly enrolled student) will fill out a Referral Incentive Program AWARD/PRIZE RECEIPT upon receiving prize.