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Open Bids
 There are no open bids at this time.

  • Questions must be submitted via e-mail to Julie Green at In the email subject line, type:"Questions" and then title of the bid eg., "RFP 2020-05.15MT Maintenance Sales, Service &/or Supplies and Vehicle/Transportation Sales, Services &/or Supplies".
  • Your Bid must be delivered in a sealed envelope or carton and received by the opening time and date listed.
  • Submit three (3) hard copy’s.
  • FAX, e-mail or other electronic bids will not be accepted.
  • Proposals must be plainly marked with the RFP Number and Title above.

Deliver Sealed Bids To:
Business Office
2011 S. Fielder Road
Arlington, TX 76013

Julie Green
Accounting Asst/Purchasing

Awarded Bids

List of awarded bids