Pre Kindergarten

Welcome to PreK at Newman Academy

Inspiring children for lifelong learning


At Newman, our motto is Wisdom - Statue - Favor, and that's what we are developing in our students. A Newman education is holistic; we are developing the whole child for the whole world. In addition to a strong academic foundation, our programs include:
  • Social skills and awareness
  • Moral character development
  • Healthy habits of body, mind and spirit
  • Emphasis on the power of positive thinking
  • Nurturing environment that develops the gifts and talents of each child
  • Recognition of the value of the family

Approach to Learning

Our student-centered curriculum provides students with plenty of time for hands-on learning experiences and centers on whole-group settings.
Our students have access to technology, art, music, dramatic play, and field trips.
Our curriculum focuses on developing the whole child - emotionally, socially, morally, physically, and academically. Our curriculum, which prepares children for Kindergarten, includes:

  • Math - Number concepts and thinking skills
  • Reading - Letters and sounds, listening and telling stories
  • Science - Hands-on and experimental, vocabulary-rich
  • Social Studies - History, society, culture and citizenship
  • Fine Arts - Music, art, theater
  • Technology integration
  • Ongoing assessments to track children's progress

How we're different

At NIA, we have a mission, and that is to raise up warriors of wisdom, stature and favor who will be leaders in their communities, nation, and in the world. We believe that early education experiences are essential to establishing a mindset for lifelong learning and a heart trained to help and serve others. Our students learn about college as early as PreK!

Support for students

NIA Provides a private school setting, but without the private school price tag.

Each classroom is staffed with one teacher and one teaching assistant. We provide our teachers with ongoing, research-based training and professional development. Our teachers are highly qualified and are carefully selected to provide a nurturing, home-like environment in which children can grow, thrive, and develop their individual gifts and talents. We provide each child with the personal attention, knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to be leaders and learners. 

Our campuses are clean, safe and secure.

The Basics

  • Offering PreK 3 and PreK 4 for children ages 3-5
  • Morning sessions from 7:50am - 10:50am
  • Afternoon sessions from 12pm - 3pm
  • Before and after care available
  • Lunch time included in both sessions
  • Outdoor play provided
  • Field trips
  • Whole child development
  • Research-based and data-driven


Enrollment is open to children who are:

  • Unable to speak and comprehend the English language
  • Educationally disadvantaged
  • Homeless, as defined by 42 US Code 11434A
  • Dependent of active duty member of US Armed Forces, including active reserves

 To learn more about our PreK program, please contact us:

Newman International Academy of Arlington
2011 S. Fielder Rd. 
Arlington, TX 76013

Newman International Academy of Cedar Hill
1114 W. FM 1382
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

Newman International Academy of Fort Worth
6801 Meadowbrook Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76112